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Greenfield and Brownfield Financing / Investment Advisory

ABV Debt

Both, the Greenfield Investment and Brownfield Investment are types of Foreign Direct Investment or FDI.

Greenfield Investment

As per Economics, in Greenfield Investment, a parent company establishes operations in a foreign country, through its subsidiary.  This is done to achieve utmost control over their foreign operations.  The company constructs new facilities in the foreign country, right from manufacturing facilities to sales offices and such other facilities.

Greenfield investing requires high capital expenditure and also requires the subsidiary to obtain loads of licenses and clearances from the local government.  The risks and costs of Greenfield investment are similar to building a new factory or manufacturing plant.

ABV assists Greenfield investors in the process of setting up their operations in India.  Our services include but are not limited to

  • Initial assessment of the proposal
  • Making project reports
  • Obtaining necessary permissions from local authorities
  • Assistance in availing finance facilities from local banks
  • Registrations with authorities
  • Advisory on legal and technical issues

We also advise the local firms looking for FDI in the form of Greenfield investment.

The major risks in Greenfield investment are high Capex, complex procedures and it requires a long-term commitment, as against providing complete control of operations, tax breaks, and financial incentives.

Brownfield Investment

In Economics, Brownfield investment is when a company acquires an existing facility in a foreign country, to start a new product line.

The acquisition can be either through purchase or lease of the existing facility.

When acquiring an existing facility, the initial cost outlay and time required for set-up is reduced to a great extent.  Also, the existing facility may have trained manpower, which the Brownfield investor can take advantage of.

As compared to Greenfield investment, property acquired in Brownfield investment may have certain issues like restrictions on expansion or improvements, high cost of maintenance, operational inefficiencies, and the like.

Our services for Brownfield Investors and entities looking for Brownfield Financing include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting a Feasibility Study
  • Advisory on the Project management
  • Verifying legal clearance
  • Advisory on Legal and technical issues including under FEMA, related rules and regulations.

Feel free to contact us by clicking on the ‘contact’ button, and our team consisting of ex-bankers, legal advisors, and chartered accountants is here to help you in clearing any obstacles or roadblocks that you may face in setting up your Greenfield or Brownfield Projects in India or abroad.

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