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A line of credit that caters to the needs of running any business operation is called a business loan. Loans for business involve the creation of debt which is repaid with added interest.

A financial institution creates a line of credit for a corporation that requires funds. Fund requirements can range from making payments or purchases for starting, running or expanding a business. Loans maintain a steady cash flow during difficult times. Corporate loans can even strengthen financial stability in changing economic climates.

Advantages of Business Loans

  • Significant amount of money can be borrowed for major business projects.
  • You have complete control of the money from your commercial lending.
  • The funds are available for easy access.
  • The interest rate is usually low.
  • Companies can reap the benefits of tax deductions.
  • You won’t have to repay the loan if your company fails.

Based on the profile and fund requirement of the company, business loans are of two types; secured and unsecured. When a company gets a secured loan they submit an asset as security to the bank/finance firm. Secured loans have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans, making them far more advantageous. If a payment is missed, the corporation needs to surrender the asset pledged as security to the bank or loan firm.

Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) provide unsecured loans to give immediate credit cash to companies. These commercial loans are available in small business loans, new business loans, and business loans for women.

Nowadays, companies can apply for business loans from online portals of banks and NBFCs. To apply for a business loan, download the application form and upload the required documents. Once the documents are verified, the sanctioned loan amount reaches the beneficiary’s account within a week.

ABV Debt offers an array of commercial loans without any hassles of heavy documentation. The fastest turn-around time and payment flexibilities make it ideal for generating commercial funds.

Loan Against Property

Cash Credit / Overdraft

Export Loan – Preshipment and Postshipment

Import Loan – Buyers Credit & Suppliers Credit

Dealer Financing

Supplier Financing

Letter of Credit

Bank Guarantee

Structured Trade Finance

Funding for Capex

Project Financing / Debt Syndication

Greenfield and Brownfield Financing / Investment Advisory

Financing through External Commercial Borrowing

Equipment Loan

Financing through Export Credit Agency

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